JDSolids offers a full compliment of mechanical design, detailing, modeling, and SolidWorks CAD services.

  1. Part modeling

    1. Sheet metal, weldments, castings, machined parts

    2. Configurations

      1. Design tables

  2. Assembly Building

    1. Top down, bottom up, or combination

    2. In context references

    3. Equations

    4. Layout sketches to control models, sub-assemblies, and top level assemblies

    5. Complex design tables to control configurations

      1. Component configuration, component suppression, custom properties, part number generation, etc.

  3. 2D Drawing Creation

    1. From new models

    2. From your existing models

    3. Dimensions and tolerances to your company standards

    4. Ballooned and exploded drawings for easy-to-understand assembly and documentation

  1. Drawing Conversion

    1. From pencil, scanned, or AutoCAD drawings

    2. Fully modeled, detailed, and assembled

  2. Assembly and weldment fixture design

  3. SolidWorks Standards

    1. Drawing templates, drafting standards, sheet formats, tables, notes, dimension styles, materials, custom properties, etc.

  4. Renderings

  5. Animations

  6. File Storage & Transfer

    1. All files stored locally and backed up daily to a networked drive

    2. File transfer through email, DVD, usb thumb drive, or online storage drive